Life With Labs

While she is online, she looks for
the sponsored sites which feature
dogs in interesting situations.

He will hear her chuckling and
assumes she is at one of those
sites. He says, “What?” She says,

“Oh, it’s one of those sites with
interesting photos of dogs. Here
is one with a Great Dane sleeping

with his butt on the couch and his
head on an ottoman.” She hands
him the I-Pad and he hands it back.

Mostly, she hopes to see photos of
Labrador Retrievers (mostly the
chocolate variety because she is a

sucker for Chocolate Labs) and
she is never disappointed regardless
of the color because Labs (especially

puppy Labs) get themselves into
really interesting situations, like
tearing up roll after roll of toilet

paper and then sitting with ears
lowered and a totally penitent look
on his or her face. She laughs out

loud as she moves gleefully from one
photo to the next. She has had five
Chocolate Labs as she looks away

from the computer and with a stern
face at number five on the floor
next to her chair because the six-

year-old rescue just bit and broke her
reading glasses. It will take a while
before she finds that humorous.

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