Collective Amnesia

They are counting on the collective amnesia
of the American public, memory that lasts

about ten minutes. That is exactly what the
political predators are counting on in order

to get their way and then she flipped the
channel to the Public Television’s foreign

mysteries with subtitles and he gave a sigh
and his blood pressure dropped as he waited

for the team to discover the culprit and
bring him or her to justice, something on

which he reliably can count each evening,
something to which he looks forward because

it gives him a sense of security in this
increasingly uncertain world and the part-

icularly uncertain world of US politics which
veers frighteningly close to fascism and

other political systems of oppression. Thank
goodness for the Swedes, Danes, Norwegians,

Dutch, Germans and French for keeping his US
hide in stride not something he wishes to hide.

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