Youth and Death’s Greedy Hands — A Lament

The poet wrote, “Death’s greedy hands,”
and for the reader it struck a note.
He thought about all human plans
and how for the young death rests remote.

It seems adolescents are never fraught
thinking death they can just ignore.
Didn’t they rise after being shot
in childhood games of war?

And so, with bravado and bluster
they move through life oblivious
to the dangers life can muster —
concerns of safety considered frivolous.

Until, as an older person laments,
Death’s greedy hands reach out
in youths’ careless moments.
Then they know and protest with shouts —

crying that life is unfair and unjust.
Sadly, coming to such a conclusion they must,

for importunely,  Death’s greedy hands are thrust.

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