When a Reading of the Novel Might Have Sufficed, Might Have Except That….

The King of Siam laughed and said that Moses’ story
of creation was laughable. Anna acknowledged that

it was laughable when she told him that the biblical
account of creation was not a scientific account of

the creation as much as a faith testimony of an
ancient people and that science is not in competition

with faith but they are flip sides of the same coin,
supportive of each other. The king furrowed his brow

and wondered about such things as similes and metaphors.
The man read this account of the 1944 book about the

1860’s life of “Anna and the King of Siam,” and wondered
why he spent four years in pursuit of his ordination

degree and three more in pursuit of his doctorate,
when all it would have taken was a reading of the book.

The good theological doctor recalled a high school
student, a member of his first church youth group

and son of the revered town physician, asking why
the good Reverend Doctor spent so many years in

school when all that was needed was the gift of gab.
The good parson took a deep breath and admitted that

he had wondered the same thing a time or two but
then said to himself, wait a minute, it’s not that simple.

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