The Political Compost Pile

The fish rots from the guts, literally;
the fish rots from the head down, metaphorically.

Turks get credit for coining the phrase,
meaning that if a servant goes bad
the owner is not to be praised.
It is a situation ever so sad.

Well, by and large,
we are beyond owners and slaves
except we have been barraged
by many rotting government knaves.

And from whence do the knaves
take their cues?
From the accidental leader —
hoping elections not to lose.

Well, the head stinks to hell so low
and also to heaven so high.
The naves, about the leader, do crow
while all the rotting head does is lie.

Isn’t it time for the political compost pile?
As the smell fades, heads, guts and flesh will boil
Still for the smell to go, it will take quite a while,
providing time for rot to transform to rich, good political soil.

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