A Pep Talk To One’s Self

Do you feel like you are on the losing 
     side of every issue — human rights for all, 
justice for all, inclusivity, non-violent action, 
     peace, environmentalism, you name it? You are. 
Does it get frustrating? It does. Do you get 
     tired? Of course. Do you lose heart? Sometimes. 
Does it seem like things are getting worse? Yes. 
     Will you win? Ask the martyrs and prophets. 
Ask the Buddha. Ask Lao Tzu. Ask Jesus. Will 
     you save the world? No, not by yourself and not 
in your lifetime. What do you face? Principalities 
     and powers. Are you a principality or power? No, 
not those. Is the fight right? Yes. Will you stay 
     the course? Yes. Why? Because all that is asked 
is faithfulness and you are granted an eternal 
     abundance of that.

1 thought on “A Pep Talk To One’s Self

  1. I have faith that people like Donald Trump will not – can not – change; that the course of human nature has changed but little since our ancestors took their first steps from the cave. On the other hand, goodness and mercy prevail. In the end, all will work out just as it should.

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