The Missing Layers of Onion

A wise theologian with a
knack for mixing metaphors
wrote that finding God within
is like diving into a well
with debris all around
and casting the debris
out-of-the-way and pealing
the layers of the onion
back. The man got the gist.
Yesterday, the man cleaned
the skimmer and pump of the
pond and waterfall, he
rinsed the net and washed
the brushes. He dug deeply
at the bottom of the housing
finding all kinds of debris.
He scooped out the debris
and tossed it to the side of
the pond. Finally, he reached
the pump — the god of the
pond — at the center of every-
thing and pulled debris stuck
to the pump’s intake area so
the water would flow more
freely up to the waterfall
creating a beautiful cascade
of clear water down to the
pond and around and around
and up and down revealing
more clearly the beautiful
goldfish in the pond. But
he didn’t find any peeled
back layers of onion stuck
to the pump.

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