Do We Dare?

In sacred halls of spirituality
the brain trust competed.
Who would get top honors?
The academic faculty smiled
upon them, nodding approval.
One, with hubris and a
certain meanness, went
off to graduate work and
dropped out, never to return.
One, feigning humility
but perhaps the most
competitive of all, went
off to graduate work but
never got the job he
One, with an edgy,
sarcastic wit, went
into the parish and
when his wife died
went into hiding
from which he has
yet to emerge.
One, socially un-
comfortable, went
to graduate school
never to emerge.
They knew the texts;
they knew the history;
they knew the ancient
they knew the systematics;
they knew it all.
Did they know the unknowable?
Did any of us?
Do we, even now?
Do we dare?
It seemed so safe —
like in academia’s embrace —
not entering the cloud
of unknowability
the great mystery. .

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