The Orange-Headed Thrush and Other Birds of a Feather (with apologies to the thrush)

Did these people have histories
of corruption before being ap-
pointed and confirmed as mem-

bers of the 
(p)-resident’s cabinet
or was it the post-confirmation
proverbial cookie jar in the

kitchen that caused them to
jump on the stool, pop the lid
and inject fingers eager for the

cookies of private jet rides,
super expensive office decor-
ations, vacations at tax payer

expense, etc., etc., etc.? Does
before even matter? You’d like
to think that core values are

significant for such important
positions. But it’s like asking
if the (p)-resident ever engaged

in corruption before becoming
the President of the United
States. What’s that about the

pope…? Of course he did and
that should have been a dis-
qualifying history, but that’s

what it is — history and he was
elected and we can only deal
with what he does as president.

The important thing is what
they all do — now. Maybe
temptation and the assumption

of power and the thought of
untouchability are just too
great to resist. Birds of a

feather, you know and now
some of those closest to the
(p)-resident are soon to be

jail birds. Perhaps, one day
even the orange-headed thrush
flitting around the White House

and flying around the country
will be caught and rushed off
to a federal bird-cage.

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