Humiliation and Hope

Of bodily necessity, they defecate and urinate
along the thousands of miles.
With what do they wipe after they eliminate?
How do they wash their hands?
How do they keep their babies clean?
They have no toilets;
do they bury their feces in sand?
They have no showers
with cleansing, hot steam.
They endure basic humiliation.
Of soap they can only dream.
But their dream is greater than that.
They march thousands of miles to escape
and put behind them violence, threats,
horrors, death and rape.
But they also march for fulfillment of their dreams.
They still hope beyond hope,
of reaching the border without greater loss.
Will they be met by Caesar’s soldiers as Caesar bombastically boasts?
Will the Statue of Liberty act as a benevolent host?
Or will it be Jesus’ open, welcoming, blood drenched arms
attached on a border fence, today’s cross?

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