Xanadu Redux

Alone, not solitary but lonely, coping
with being separate from all others,
creation, from life itself — shout it out,
“I am great,  great,  the  greatest.  I am
the best. No mistakes. I am a genius. I
went to the best schools. I am the strong-
est. I am so stable. On the other hand, you
are crooked, low energy,  low IQ, a liar, a
thief, little, tiny, teensy-weensy while I am
big, big, big, the biggest, most wonderful
human who ever existed, exists or will ever
exist.” The record runs down, the batteries
are depleted, the big bag of wind collapses
on the bedroom floor and after but a very
few hours sleep, once again come the tweets.
Alone in his bedroom with only the TV and
his phone. “It’s the weekend, goody-goody,
gum drops. Can I go out to play, mommy,
daddy? I want to go out and play! I’m going
out to play. I’m going to play golf. Who
can I pay to play golf with me? Mommy,
daddy, it’s snowing. May I ride Rosebud?
Mommy, daddy! Where is Rosebud? I want
my Rosebud!!!” “Shake the little snow-globe,
honey.  There’s Rosebud, your Rosebud. No-
body can ever take it away from you.”  Thank
you, mommy and dearest daddy.”

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