By the Grace of God

By the grace of God, he never will have to speak
with the (p)-resident of the United States. He
wouldn’t know how. He, who is almost never at
a loss for words, would have no idea of how to
converse with a pathological liar. The (p)-
resident just makes up things, declaring them
certified facts when, in reality, they just
pop out of his uninformed, possibly certifiably
sick psyche (if a psychiatrist ever gets to
examine him to draw just such a conclusion).
And what would be even worse would be speak-
ing with any one of the sixty-million Americans
who believes the (p)-resident’s every word.
And he does. Some of these people are family
members. So, when they get together, which is
less and less frequent and more and more
often at a neutral site such as a restaurant
with juicy hamburgers they all can praise and
agree on, they take a lot of time figuring out
what to order if it is something other than
a hamburger or maybe it is one of the many
burger variations on the basic burger (which
is very time-consuming), smile a lot, talk
about children and grandchildren and the
friends of children and grandchildren
and spend a whole lot of time chewing and
mumbling uh-huh, over and over and over.

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