The Carrot-Topped Clown Who Wants a King’s Crown

We keep going on as if nothing is wrong
and pretending that we are “America Strong”
knowing that just about everything is wrong.
For how long can we just go along?
Supposedly (and a surprise to the Pentagon)
fifteen-thousand troops are to be sent
to the southern border just to stand around
by the (p)-resident who has lost control
and looks more and more like a deranged, carrot-topped clown.
Apparently, he’s pulling these racist stunts because
he is petrified of being indicted
and of Republicans losing Congressional ground,
which could lead to his impeachment
and then he’ll never get to wear a king’s crown.
Let’s just hope when he goes completely bonkers
and moves to hit the big, red button,
rational minds abound
and there will be strong arms
to hold him down,
place him in a straight jacket
and speed him out-of-town.

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