Looking Up, Down and All Around

I don’t have to look too far down.
It’s about five and a half feet from
my eyes to the ground.

However, if I look toward the sky,
the distance seems infinite
to there from my eye.

I have to look down
to see where I’m going
and not stumble all around

But if I stand still
and look to the sky,
there is a universe to fill
and I often say, “Oh, my.”

Jogging, cycling and walking along,
I have to look down and all around —
backward and forward
so I don’t fall headlong.

But if I stand perfectly still
with my feet somewhat apart,
I can look up and sing
over the highest hill.

So I guess it’s all good,
this looking up, down and all around
for both star-gazing and navigating
the neighborhood.

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