Optimistic, November 6, 2018

I’m going for an eye exam today;
I’ve got glaucoma in one eye,
but the treatment has been optimal
so I’m optimistic about what the
ophthalmologist will say.
It’s also Election Day
and I’m voting today.
I have to say
that I have been listening to pundits
who have a lot to say
(Nervous Nellies, they)
about Election Day.
And for what its worth,
this is what I have to say,
“Ultimately, everything is going to be okay.
It may
not be a perfect outcome today,
but, we aren’t going to let fascism steal the day.
This isn’t Germany back in the day.
We are a glorious, young, multi-ethnic country
struggling to find our way,
but we are struggling and that tells me
that we will find the way
reinforcing our glorious representative
democracy along the way.
“What’s that you say?
I’m not seeing twenty-twenty?
Which vision is it you say —
literal eyesight or politics of the day?
May…be, may…be not.
We will just have to watch the results
at the end of the day.”

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