The Multi-Musical Trinitarian Jesus Would Love the Music

They went through a million dollar plus building program
     in addition to bringing the organ up to date, all built,
remodeled and reconstructed to the glory of God except
     they somehow forgot about Jesus and the ministry of
the Sermon on the Mount, the beatitudes and the 25th
     chapter of Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus talks about
how if you visited the prisoners and cared for the sick
     and clothed the naked, and fed the hungry, in so doing
you did it to Jesus; I’m thinking that somehow got lost
     but to the congregation’s credit, the music program was
better than ever, at least, in recent history and, at
     least, that’s what everyone said, so why in the name of
God and in the world wouldn’t the congregation get serious
     about who they really are and just say they are a recently
renovated music hall and leave it at that and if you have
     to, to save face, say it is to the glory of God, whatever
god that is? Wouldn’t you think that would be a whole lot
     more honest? I mean, really good music halls with a first
rate organ don’t just grow on trees. As with anything, it
     takes money and lots of it. Apparently, they are really
happy to have a place for perfect pitch singers and in-
     credible acoustics all, and get this, in the name of Jesus
to boot.  Does anyone know if Jesus was a tenor, baritone
     or bass? Being Jesus, probably he was all three, even at
the same time — Trinity’s harmony within himself. Should
     we call ourselves Trinity Church? Daddy sang bass. Mama
sang tenor. Me and little brother would join right in....
     That's four. Well, four and no more. Jesus would
understand a little mix up in math but never in music.


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