Miraculously Complex Processes

“…as you read these words on a page or a screen, they register as black lines
on a white background in your primary visual cortex. If the process stopped
at that point, you wouldn’t be reading at all. To read, your brain, through
miraculously complex processes that scientists are still figuring out, needs
to forward those black letters on to association-cortex regions such as the
angular gyrus, so that meaning is attached to them; and then on to language-
association regions in the temporal lobes, so that the words are connected
not only to one another but also to their associated memories and given
richer meanings. These associated memories and meanings constitute a
‘verbal lexicon,’ which can be accessed for reading, speaking, listening,
and writing.” *

A man and his wife watched a movie where the
antagonist shot off the tops of his victims’
heads and placed a snowman’s head in their

place. It was horrifyingly gruesome, but not
until the man read the words above did the
enormity of the horror of the acts sink in.

The man thought, the brain performs “miracu-
lously complex processes,” — miraculously
complex processes — the irony being that

the killer used seemingly simple processes
(capture, aim, shoot) which, in fact, were
miraculously complex processes to destroy

the miraculously complex processes of others.
The man thought, it is bad enough to kill
even the simplest forms of life, but to blow

away ever so blithely that which is miracu-
lously complex seems to up the ante on
monstrosity. The man continued to think

about the whole process: We then use miracu-
lously complex processes to hunt, find and
stop the destructive use of miraculously

complex processes often violently. The man
wondered, is such the nature of war — using
MCP to terminate MCP? And then in a moment

of spiritual reflection the man prayed, “May
You, the Author of all Miraculously Complex Pro-
cesses, have mercy on our Miraculously Complex

but ever so often demonically destructive souls
for destroying that which You, the Author of
all Miraculously Complex Processes, created.”

*”Secrets of the Creative Brain,” Nancy E. Andreasen,
Atlantic, June 26, 2014

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