It Has Been Said

It has been said that sin is banal
And surely that will do
The theme isn’t simplify
But rather simplistic —
Through and through.
Everyone is waiting for the
Labyrinth to be exposed
But “follow the money”
Plays out like a stupid side-show.
The president wanted a Russian tower
But couldn’t get the money
While the sanctions were in place.
Putin just wanted the sanctions gone
So he and Russia could have more elbow space
To dominate Europe and beyond.
If Russia helped Trump get elected
So the sanctions could be lifted,
Trump would get his tower
And Russian domination would grow
And the Russian spring would flower.
However, the lies are adding up
Like a Siberian, snow-capped mount
And the culprits are giving up;
Their egos no more to flaunt.
And the selfish scheme
Cooked up in the dark
Is soon to face the high beam
And be seen for what it would tell —
A stupid, simplistic, banal plan
Of treason — all for a tall Trump hotel.

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