And There Grace Abides

I look and ever wonder why
there is so much trouble
under the great, wide sky.

I would like to fly
away from all the rubble
where some wait to die.

Sometimes I just cry
looking at all who stumble
through all that’s gone awry.

They beg; its their ware to ply,
reaching out to grope and grubble;
they would spit in an eye.

They are despised and they despise,
acquainted with grief they buckle
before our very eyes.

There was One despised,
who to the cross did stumble —
thus opening humanity’s eyes.

In the un-comely One, there is joy to surprise,
to see beauty in the humble
and embrace those with Christ’s eyes.

Terrible beauty there hides;
…as you did it to those rejected and troubled,
you did it to Jesus and there grace abides

and salvation resides.

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