There’s Always Next Time, Girl

Temperatures dropped;
the rabbit hopped
in front of the Chocolate Lab
who wanted to take a stab
at chasing the rabbit
as is a Lab’s habit,
but the Lab was too slow
prancing through the snow
and the rabbit so white
though filled with fright
dove behind a snowman
leaving the Lab without a plan.
The Lab looked at that snowman
as if to ask where did that rabbit go.
Did the snowman just say,
“I don’t know.”
or was it the dog’s owner
acting like a ventriloquist?
Then the snowman said,
“Sorry girl, next time you
will have to persist.”
The Lab looked up at
the snowman and then
at her owner as if to say,
“I will just cease and desist.
Can we go back home?
I don’t want anymore to roam
on a snowy night like this
because this isn’t my idea of bliss.”
Her owner said, “Let’s go girl.
Next time you will not miss.”

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