A Double Burden

A woman speaking her mind —
she was calumniated.
Some say she was
even hated.

They say she was out-of-place
and wasn’t very nice —
and through her
veins ran ice.

But, if they
knew her heart,
they would know
some are set apart

to do that which
may bring no pleasure
but is instead
truly a measure

of one’s vocare,
a calling to do
that signaling true care.

On occasion she
needed a re-starter
by asking herself
if she was just a martyr

holding near the pain
so she could find comfort
in elusive, fleeting…fame,

likening herself to
Joan of Arc.
She knew that was
something of a no start.

Maybe she’s tilting at windmills
for the sake of Dulcinea Del Toboso
as she cries out to those windmills,
“Set my love free! Let her go.”

Her calling was to speak
for justice, mercy,
genuine agape love
and peace.

Yes, they say in her veins ran ice
but she spoke to a status quo only
wanting behavior deemed “nice.”

And so she was resolved to pay
with no pleasure to gain
the penalty come what may

and that she would
reconcile to a misogynistic fate
of being misunderstood
and the object of misguided hate.

And then…
she would speak again.

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