Quoting Poetry from the Pulpit

Do clergy, from the pulpit, quote
G.M. Hopkins to sound
cultured and profound
and impress those sitting around?

Do they sincerely appreciate the sound
of every alliteration, rhyme, meter,
every musical note?

Would they still quote,
if they knew that during his
short, sad, quirky life,
he was thought
to be a bit of a joke?

I would rather quote
a down to earth poem
encapsulating, sustaining
life’s narrative — of pain
and pleasure, joy and sorrow
like a George Jones’ country
song of note.

One points to haute culture
ever so profound —
do they like, as they
proffer the words,
their own voice’s sound?

Wouldn’t it be more to life’s point
just to tell a story about someone
being unceremoniously thrown
from some sleazy, “bucket of blood” joint?

But doing such
might scandalize the bunch
as would be my hunch,
so keep quoting The Rev. Gerard Manly
and with the flock,
at the country club,
enjoy a most pleasant brunch.

1 thought on “Quoting Poetry from the Pulpit

  1. Oh my….I was just on the brink of sending you an article entitled, ” The Jesuit Who Reinvented Poetry”. I think I will save it for another day……! Of course, this is all said with a twinkle in my eye and a smile just beginning to appear around the corners of my mouth.

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