On Occasion, A Friend Returns

He heard someone say that it is time to
bring closure. Was the person talking
about a meeting, a process, a procedure?

Wrap it up, close it down? Makes sense.
These things can’t go on forever. There
will be other meetings, other processes,

other procedures. Yes, those things.
Hopefully not in response to a relational
loss like, say, the death of a loved one,

but that is exactly the context. Not only
does that sound strange but even cruel.
How is it somehow up to someone not in-

timately involved in the grieving process
to pontificate: It’s time. The coffin
lid nailed down, the body lowered, the

dirt shoveled over, the new grass grown.
It’s done. No. It’s never done. Grief
isn’t something to close out; it is

something to be ushered in, embraced
and in its own time (the grief’s own
time; not mine) it will begin to take

its leave only to return just to let
you know, to remember how much you
loved and still love and always will

love. Yes, grief, that one time horrify-
ing monster, returns as a friend just
to say you don’t bring closure to love.

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