A Conversation

I’ve been having this conversation for years,
actually as long as I can remember. “How
are you doing?” “Pretty well.” I note that
he remembers to use the appropriate adverb
rather than the adjective. He asks, “How
about you?” “Good, good, good,” I say
knowing this will drive him nuts. He frowns
but doesn’t say anything about it. “What
are you going to do today?” he asks knowing,
full well, I will go for a jog as I always do.
Without my even answering he asks, “Want
to grab a beer after your jog?” He also knows
I’m not drinking beer preferring wine, more
specifically Pinot Grigio. “We could go to
that cute, little wine bar you prefer.” Again
not waiting for an answer plus he knows
it really irritates me when he describes the
bar as a “cute, little wine bar” all the while
fluttering his fingers in a hoity-toity way.
I’m a little sensitive to think that he might
think I’m trying to one-up him on drinking
establishments. “Oh, let’s just forget it for
today,” I say. “Okay,” he says and I get
ready to go for a jog. He puts on my
jogging shoes.

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