The Wild

Something really scared the Chocolate Lab
last evening. Babe was trying to cozy up
in her cozy chair. She sat staring out the

window into the dark. Then she jumped up,
charged off the chair, ran around the great
room and hid behind another chair. We just

had been talking with a friend about coyotes,
foxes, black bears and even Mountain Lions
right here along the southern coast of Lake

Michigan in Michigan. She ran into the up-
stairs bedroom and wouldn’t come out for
about a half hour even with our coaxing. I

took her out in the dark to do her business
before we went to bed, flashlight in my hand.
Then my wife and I cozied up in the cozy bed,

the Chocolate girl on the floor next to us. I
wondered if I would dream of coyotes, foxes,
black bears and Mountain Lions even though

the Department of Natural Resources says,
“No, no Mountain Lions in the Lower
Peninsula.” Black bears are here, lurk-

ing in the dark by the window near
Babe’s big, cozy chair. And the lion
doesn’t sleep tonight. Babe knows.

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