It’s Not a Pretty Picture

Yes, what a mess and what for?
Not the dignity of seven years and four score.
Concerning all of his legal woes —
an attempt at a diversionary tactic once more?
Who knows?
We spend endless hours
and beaucoup dollars
captivated by
a petulant child who just hollers
to get his way.
What can we say?
He occupies our all and every day.
And what about when he is
gone as he surely will be
Will we elect another childish lunatic
just for more blithering screeds?
I wouldn’t put it past us.
It is how we live our lives
for looney-tune entertainment is now a must.
It has become our modern-day gyves,
shackles to keep us occupied
and money from our wallets plied.
And so we sit, laugh and watch
while corporations cozy up to the public trough
of tax breaks granted by legislators’ greed and sloth.

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