What Could Possibly Be Wrong?

Is it just that we can’t possibly
imagine such a thing — an American
president in cahoots with a foreign
power, an enemy foreign power, a

president who is actually working for
that power against the interests of
the country, what he, in his capacity as
president and the commander-in-chief

of the military, swore to support and
defend? Does such a thought keep
bumping up against incredulity? Is
it just mind-boggling that the person

we elected to defend us against all
adversaries actually is selling us
out to that adversary? And maybe that
very word “selling” ultimately will

allow such a heinous thought to begin
to sink in, in spite of the fact that,
such a thing has never, ever occurred
in the history of our country — a

traitor, a treasonous person, anywhere
but in the presidency. Is there nothing
sacred anymore? Apparently not when
money is involved. Follow the money,

follow the money as he sells the country
up the creek and down the drain. Does he
even know what he is doing? Isn’t it in
the best interest of the country, every

country, all the world to cut the grand
deal? What could possibly be wrong with
that? Apparently, nothing from the per-
spective of someone who doesn’t know

the difference between vulture capitalism
and defending the constitution. Wait, isn’t
the business of America business? Hey,
it’s the way to make America great again.

“Well, when you put it that way…it
makes a lot of patriotic sense. Got
anymore of them red caps? I’d like
to buy some for my kids.”

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