Maybe Ski Slopes

He thought to himself that
fat shaming is off the
dinner table so to speak

and thank heaven. It is
rude and crude, un-civil
not to mention that it

must hurt a person deeply,
but, having said that, he
wondered if something might

be done about the ton of
fat growing seemingly ex-
ponentially on the bodies

of Americans weighting them
down and driving up the cost
of health care. Now, apparently,

the excuse is genetics and,
of course, there is some truth
to it, but something can be

done medically about genetic
inheritance. Then he thought,
something has to be done to

save lives and save the economy.
The question in his mind is,
have we become so self-indulgent,

so irresponsible, so selfish,
so slothful, so much like the
gluttonous Romans before their

fall that we will just continue
to inhale the oversized fast food
meal deals to make us feel better

about ourselves? He thought, I’m
not fat shaming; I’m just wonder-
ing where we will store that

mountain of fat; the landfills
are filling fast. Maybe make
the landfills into ski slopes.

He then glanced down at his
bulging waist and uttered out
loud, “Oh, my. Skiing anyone?”

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