When He Started Out

When he started out in life
he was ever so small, some
would say a preemie, and
then he grew, eventually to

six feet, but as he journeyed
the pathway to society’s
success having, of course,
to push and shove along the

way, the buildings got taller,
the trees got taller, people
got taller and taller, the
blades of grass stood higher

than he stood in his well
manicured neighborhood
until at the end of his
life, which was shorter

than he would have imagined,
there wasn’t even enough of
him to cremate, just a tiny,
speck of dried flesh lost

among grains of sand on the
beach, which over the years
grew bigger and bigger near
where he had lived in a

house that just kept getting
bigger and bigger and bigger
overlooking an inland sea that
seemingly went on forever.

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