Male and Female

The male and female,
his physician told him,
forge the same basic trail.

Identical they start out
and then some parts go in
and some parts go out.

A difference smaller than a gnat —
a matter of a few hormones
this way and that.

The female point of view
he’s never understood.
Really, hormones just a few?

The physician, in words few,
said, “Maybe it’s just that
you don’t understand you.

Your brain and her brain
aren’t so different at all,
so, don’t worry or strain.”

Confused and feeling pale,
he left the office, later realizing
his physician is a female.

Telling his dear wife
what the physician said.
She said, “Not on your life.

For that she charged a fee?
She doesn’t know squat
and you don’t know me.”

Now between females both,
he sits and ponders,
“I’m just a confused old bloke;
is it any wonder?”

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