Entertaining Angels

Was it by sheer un-luck or blessed luck
that he came to the homes of the grieving?
Maybe providence in the form of a former
colleague who knew the depth of his sorrow
or was she just playing with him and his
suffering when she asked if he would apply
for the chaplaincy at hospice? Another,
years later, after he had sat with the
suffering and held their hands and joined
their tears with his, asked having just
been exposed to the unutterable pain of
experiencing the death of a loved one,
“How did you do it?”
 He said nothing
but spoke to himself, How could I not?
knowing the healing joy all those families
had brought him as a gift of sheer grace.
Ironically and with God’s great practical
joking, he had entertained angels unaware
when, of all things, he was the giver of care.

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