I Keep Thinking

I keep thinking there is something to be learned here that
will serve us all well in the future (Maybe that’s just my
late mother’s practicality showing through.) — something
like, we should figure out what started going wrong in the
70’s which culminated in the election of 2016.

That probably would be a good thing for professors of
economic, social and political science to do, but in
the mean time, more and more, I just sit like I did
in sixth grade watching my classmate Frank play pocket
pool while explaining for the umpteenth time how the
dog ate his homework and then hearing the teacher shout,
“Frank, get your hands out of your pants and keep them
out,” when contemplating whatever news comes out of this
White House.

The White House is a lot like Frank who lived the
classic definition of insanity. Frank, apologizing,
took his hands out of his pockets pledging never to
put them back just to return them to his pockets
over and over and over.

To Frank’s credit, it probably was just a fear reaction
giving him momentary comfort, a reaction which, hopefully,
went away in time.

Unfortunately, for the White House, and therefore for us,
there is no pledge to change. The craziness just goes on
and on and on. And maybe that’s the new definition of
insanity — never having to pledge doing something
different and never having to say you are sorry while
doing the same thing over and over and over even though
most of us know what is happening over and over and
over is insane and driving us insane.

And so, in that, perhaps we are not so unlike Inspector
Clouseau’s captain.

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