“I Wonder” Land

We’re overloaded on fascist rants, the Pulitzer winner said.
Really? It’s only 8:30 and I’m headed to bed.

Nothing of importance is getting done in the land.
I’ve always wanted to be Alice in Wonderland.

I look at the president and think of the Cheshire Cat
And want to cover his orange hair with the Mad Hatter’s hat.

I now have my wish to put this down in verse
While gazing at a parallel universe.

And why am I wondering about any of this?
Climate change is going to bury all of us.

So I think after I rise
And get a pie thrown in my eyes

To Laurel and Hardy I will bow.
With the Three Stooges start a row.

With the Marx Brothers recite the tau
While riding the roller coaster Dow.

Please tell me this is all a bad dream.
Dr. Strangelove’s flying on a moon beam.

The paper moon jumped over the cow.
Lipstick on the snout of a sow.

Say goodnight, Gracie.
Goodnight, Jim Bob.

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