Is It Really Always All About the Love of Money?

The occupant of the White House
has set all our teeth on edge.
We grind at the utter incongruity
of the person who is supposed

to represent the people and
inspire the citizenry and lift
the spirits of humanity and
present the best of what we

could be, but, who, sits in
utter opposition to our better
angels and who beckons the
darker spirits to emerge from

ignominy and rule with impunity.
He divides to conquer, but
conquer what? He is called
Putin’s Puppet, and that he

may be, but is he the Devil’s
emissary to shatter all
life’s glory, from sea to
shining sea, from mountain

to desert, from river and
forest to shining cities?
And for what? Money? Is

is that simple? Is it that
banal? Money? Is it that he
has sold his soul to mammon
and all the world be damned?

Does he not see that, in the
end, he will perish, too?
There is no eternity in such
a quest, only Ozymandias’

desert rest and the last
one standing is — Lucifer,
the fallen angel, the dark
one, the once favored one,

until the light once more
shines through and all the
rubble is exposed and all
the blood and flesh have

dried and returned to dust
and a new civilization
dawns and rises like
a Phoenix, like —

a new heaven and earth.

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