The Great National Emergency

Is there a national emergency at the
southern border? Does mass sexual child
abuse/pedophilia qualify? Does tearing
children from parents and then sexually
attacking them qualify? There are thousands
of God’s sweet babies abused, used and
tossed away as so much refuse by sick humans
acting sub-humanly while wearing uniforms
representing the good ol’ U S of A. Do
you hear the shrieks, the sobs, the muffled
cries for mothers and dads? Do you see the
babies grabbing at their, what once were,
privates and screaming in pain? Do you see
the sadistic sneers? Do you hear the horrific,
“Hush, little baby, don’t you cry”? Do you
see the subhumans creeping away to return
the next day?

(Professional, objective, expert evaluation:
Children grow up either healthy or un-
healthy emotionally based on their infant
and early childhood experiences.)

The babies’ bewilderment, their fear, their
horror become that which will be feared
north of the border, which isn’t there now
but will be, will be, will be — blowback,
blowback, blowback — for the sins of the
elders visited upon the children over and
over and over. They’ll be back — be back.

Get ready, you who wish to sweep the
horror under the now shredded rug of
cultural, pseudo-religion and pathetic
patriotism. Get ready, you who fold your
white hands in prayer, with the blood of
God’s gentle babies all over them, to
your white, tribal god. Get ready, you
white, evangelical Christians who lift
your Russian AK-47 arms unto the tribal
god who dashes children’s heads against
the rocks. Get ready you whites who wish
not to see reality, who turn your faces,
set them like flint against the horror,
close your ears to the screams, while
listening to your beautiful, Sunday
morning music in your wonderful, white-
washed sepulchres, called the beautiful
churches of rich, white people, for…

the Lord says, “Vengeance is mine.”

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