Flat Words

The words, like these, just sit
here flatter than a pancake and
yet, you just might have seen an
IHOP in your mind at the mention
of a pancake or seen one of IHOP’s
TV commercials of pancakes grow-
ing on a dish, grotesquely, like a sea
lamprey lifting itself out of the sea.
See? A lot going on here between these
flat, black words and you and me, not
to mention how really gross that com-
mercial is. And now I’m thinking about
a sponsored site I looked at touting the
most dangerous beaches in the world —
polluted, swarming with poisonous
snakes, hundreds of jellyfish, wild
animals, thieves, robbers and how
I’m really glad to live by the shore
of Lake Michigan and have ad blocker
on my computer so I wouldn’t have to
see all the ads while looking at danger-
ous seas. I’ll stop here because I’m
beginning to think about sun blocker
having written the words ad blocker
and I actually need some sun to tan
my pale, white head which doesn’t look
very good without some color on it but
it’s winter in the upper Midwest so
what is a guy to do and, no, I’m not going
to use a tanning booth which now makes
me think of the occupant of the Oval
Office and his tanning booth and his
orange, owl face to match his orange
and I really, really didn’t want to go

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