Our Elected Enablers

Why does an enabler enable? As bad as things are, they believe things could be worse by naming the illness for what it is and dealing with the consequences of that reality.

There is a perceived payoff in the known status quo — their own erroneously perceived homeostasis in a totally skewed  social system. They are trying to save their perceived well-being even if that thought is tragically flawed and misguided and ultimately leads to disaster.  They keep enabling the addict hoping for a different outcome, which, of course, never materializes. Thus, the AA definition of insanity.

And so, the Republicans in the House and Senate are like the spouses and relatives of addicts who enable the addict to keep wreaking havoc — they know the status quo and trust it even if it leads eventually to disaster for themselves and for the wider social system, in this case meaning the rest of us in the USA.

And so, while the president is a known involuntary Looney-Tune character, the Republicans are worse because they have choices and if they did the right thing, we would be done with this pox on our house.

The president is the compulsive, ADHD, malevolent narcissistic that he is; he is addicted to himself and money as his alter ego and he can’t help himself.  After more than two years of observing the president’s daily behavior, it doesn’t take a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist to render a verdict on the president’s behavior. Just present the evidence to those attending an AA meeting for a truthful evaluation and determination. There has to be an intervention by those who have the power and authority to intervene.

The Republicans enable this behavior because they believe there is a payoff for them. They want to get re-elected to the cushiest job in the country, but by their enabling, they are tearing the very fabric of the family system, the country they wish to continue to serve, if in name only.

They are worse than the sick president because they have a choice and they are not making it. They are not fulfilling their oaths of office. They are the enablers who might be shredding the constitutional fabric — the family system called the United States of America.

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