Interrupting One’s Self While Writing a Free Verse Poem

He’s so sick of news show hosts
interrupting their guests. Every
day it

(Are you sure you want to
start this poem that way?
It’s pretty prosaic. Oh,
you are going for free

gets worse and worse. Guests

(Isn’t it time for a rhyme?)

can’t get a full sentence

(How about a little meter here?)

out of their mouths before the host

(I know it’s a little corny but this
might be a good time for “the
host with the most” to get the
rhyme thing going.)

barges in and answers the question
the host just asked

(Beginning with “and” that line is a
nice start to what could be an iambic
tetrameter couplet.)

without blinking an eye.

(And here’s mud in your eye
and pie in the sky
by and by.
Oh, why do I
even try?)

And that’s all before the show
ends and off camera the guests
just sigh.

(Okay, that could be a start.)

The end.


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