Thoughts the Day Following the Conclusion of the Investigation by the Special Counsel To Oversee the Russia Probe and Before the Report is Made Public

The soliloquy began
and the prophet stood his ground,
“Why are the wicked ruling
classes allowed to
oppress the weak…?
Justice goes forth perverted!
And I will take my stand to watch,
and station myself on the tower,
and look forth to see what will
be said…to me
and what I will answer
my complaint.”
And the answer came,
“Wait. Be patient.”
And being patient is
to suffer. Suffer now, but the
vision will be fulfilled.
Write the vision in bold print!
Woe and woe and woe — in time
for those who live unjustly, who
oppress, who laugh now but
will cry — in time.
All things — in time.
“For the earth will be filled
with the knowledge of the
glory of the Lord, as the
waters cover the sea.”
“I will quietly wait,” says the prophet.
For what? For the fulfillment of
the vision — for justice.
I will be patient, I will suffer
the goading and gloating and revelry
and mocking of the unjust and the
oppressor. I will wait quietly
— in faith, hope and love
and I will be there in peaceful
protest as I await the dawning
day of justice, mercy and peace.
I will trust the vision; I will trust
the promise. I do trust in patience,
in suffering, in faith, hope and love.

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