A Major Plight

The commentator said, regarding the Occupant’s base,
“That is a layer of ignorance that cannot be penetrated.”
A whole new level of dense she demonstrated.
Sixty million strong, how could they be so wrong?
They are the impenetrable throng.
I shake my head and wonder just how such could be
and then I think back to all three —
my grade school, high school and even college classes
and just shake my head and concede, yes,
there were more than just a few asses.
I sit in restaurants and see tees
with sayings that make me want to flee.
I see red caps
touting MAGA worn by drivers of Cadillacs.
I catch snippets of comments by personalities at Fox News
and know I’m flying over a nest of cuckoos.
Yes, I’m afraid the commentator is right —
impenetrable ignorance is one of our nation’s major plights.

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