it is morning

it is morning the monday morning
following the publication the previous
evening of the hastily written summary
statement of the investigation i have
finished reading the three meditations
in my inbox and about to start the three
poems in my inbox my usual pattern
being to finish the poems and then start
the coffee come back to my desk and
click on the headlines of the day i will
not do that i will start the coffee and
then take a very hot shower washing
my body in a symbolic act of cleansing
my life heart and soul of the worlds mach
inations of greed cowardice and power
about an hour after taking that shower
i will visit my ophthalmologist to have
my vision checked while this visit is
very important for my sight i will think
of it also symbolically as an act of
seeing life more clearly loving life
more dearly following love more
nearly day by day

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