Old Rockin’ Chair’s Got Me

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’,
clickety clack, clickety clack —
One’s about movin’ cattle,
the other a song ‘bout a railroad track.

These lines
from his youth
stick in his mind.
They formed his teenage truth

— one a folk trio
the other a cowboy show.
So he got a guitar
and an old banjo.

Practiced, practiced, practiced
chords and arpeggios,
cowboy boots and hat
on the stage he would go.

Years, years and more years
have gone by.
The fingers have arthritis
and there’s dimming of the eye.

Musical instruments are gone
but from the rockin’ chair, he’s havin’ fun.
He  still sings with the Kingston Trio
and punches doggies on Rawhide reruns.

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