The Difference

There is a difference between
monologue and soliloquy.

At root they sound the same
but they don’t play the same game.

The soliloquy
is ever so sweet to me

but the monologue?
Along it prosaically slogs.

The divine soliloquy of the Dane
sounds poetically poignant if a tad insane.

Most preachers  preach dreary monologues,
which go on way too long.

Would that a preacher quote                                          
the very pleasant notes

of Shelley, Keats or Joyce                                         
upon which to rejoice.

It might scandalize the parishioner
but others might stand and cheer

for the preacher who sees
the poetic beauty in soliloquies

and avoids the prosaic slogs
of most monologues.

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