Ah, That’s the Life for Me

Oligarchy, plutocracy and kleptocracy,
Ah, that’s the life for me —
rule by the few,
rule by the rich,
rule by those who steal,
what a wonderful life that would be.
Yes, I’m one of the sixty-million strong
who you all say got it wrong,
but an oligarch, plutocrat and kleptocrat
soon I will be.
The Donald promised me.
I am just one misfortune
from having my own fortune.
I’m gonna be one of them one percenters
with bags of money on each knee;
Just you wait and see.
Again I’ll vote for him
before a short stay in pauper’s prison.
Yes, I’m one of the sixty-million strong,
but, I’m beginning to wonder;
did we get something wrong?

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