Keep on Keeping On

I’ve been paying attention
to poetry and meditations
in my daily routine,
things online that I have seen.
but the federal government’s
constitutional craziness
keeps assaulting me
on the internet and TV.
I set my watch for ten minutes
of blessed peace and quiet
but bizarre images creep in
showing the orange-topped image of him.
Now, I’m really upset.
I have allowed the present
occupant of the White House
to invade my spirituality
and completely distract me.
And so, I offer a sincere prayer
of petition to the Lord,
“Please keep me from sin
and my desire to curse him.”
And the answer came lickety-split —
“To meditating just recommit
and, to save your sanity, don’t quit.”
And then in persistent meditative practice
I received enlightenment,
“Read the poems and meditations
and don’t lose heart.
The carrot-topped psycho will soon depart.”
At about the meditative minute eight
the blessed revelation came.
I gave thanks that the debauched bunch
will leave en mas
and that all this, too, shall pass.
However, given what I have been told,
I’ll just keep on keeping on
with my poems and meditations,
Lord willing, until I am very, very old.

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