I Greeted*

I greeted the Chocolate Lab,
I greeted the azaleas and forsythia,
I greeted the dune grass,
I greeted the Norway Spruces, the red and white pines, 
     the hemlocks,
I greeted the fish in the pond,
I greeted the birds in the pines,
I greeted the clouds in the sky,
I greeted the sun beginning to peek through the clouds,
I greeted the wind in the swaying branches,
I greeted the sound of the surf,
I greeted silently the cyclists and joggers passing by my window,
I greeted silently the drivers of cars passing by my window
     (I asked them to slow down),
I greeted silently the garbage man as he stopped to pick up our 
     garbage and recyclables, 
I greeted my wife who gave me a kiss good morning, 
I greeted the Trinity spinning through my head and heart
     and through everything I see and hear,
I cannot be lonely.

*idea from a meditation by Richard Rohr

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