Cry Baby Boys

The men have gone bonkers,
The men in power have lost their minds,
The men who run state legislatures are insane.
They are passing anti-abortion legislation,
Not because they care about zygotes, embryos and fetuses,
And not because they care about women who they
Are willing to send to jail and providers for life
or die in a hard birth
Or in a back alley butcher shop,
And not because they love Jesus with all their hearts,
Because they don’t, at least not the Jesus of the Gospels,
And, actually, they are not bonkers or insane.
They are simply what they are and are acting in
Complete accordance with who they are —
Neanderthals in suits afraid that females
Will have power over their sperm,
Will be the living embodiments of the woman
Of their worst nightmares — Lorena Bobbitt.
Well, boys, it’s time to stop grunting and thumping
Your chests because you have already emasculated yourselves.
You could be called lots of things, but I will simply
Settle for “cry baby boys,” about whom your mothers may
Have made the wrong choice.

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