A Life So Rife

We have two of organs so many —
With one of the two I can get by,
but can’t without any,
so, with just one eye
I can still see the sky,
one ear to hear,
and with one kidney I can get by,

but there is only one liver
and the thought of a fatty liver
makes me shiver and,
like the liver, quiver.

So I have to watch my intake of booze
and so many fatty foods
or that one liver I may lose.

I don’t want to be the guy
a new used liver to buy
but neither do I want to die.
So how am I to get my high?
Hurray! Legal marijuana I now can buy.

But I can’t smoke;
my asthma will make me choke
and that’s no joke.

So, I have to learn to bake;
then sky-high brownies I can make.
And as I think all about life,
doesn’t it all just take the cake?
Making do and getting by
still add up to a life so rife.

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