Sallman’s Salvation

White men are afraid of —
Blacks, browns, yellows, reds, women.
They are running scared
And doing everything they can
To stop the future in its tracks
But the engine is roaring and
The salvation train is about to
Be on its way, leaving the station,
So, white men, get on board
Or be left standing at the station
Missing the wind, water, solar-powered transportation
While you were expecting the
Antebellum, coal-powered, steam engine
Train to take you to Sallman’s salvation.

1 thought on “Sallman’s Salvation

  1. Just read a long article about White majrity coming to an end in USA before 2045..When that train leavin tonight?
    P S. San Antonio turned 60% brown while we munched our breakfast tacos.

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