He Read

He read his e-mailed religious meditations and e-mailed
poems and he ran his wrist watch timer for ten minutes

of silent meditation and then he got up to get a cup of
gourmet coffee and began to sip the delicious blend and

as he sipped he breathed deeply and savored the coffee
as his wife entered the room and asked, “Have you heard?”

And that was all he needed to know that the question was
about shenanigans of the occupant of the Oval Office. He

took another drink of the hot brew, breathed deeply
and gave thanks for his morning routine before his wife

asked the question and then continued. It is his way of
bracing for the news and coping with the insanity of the

present political reality. As he breathes in, he says, “This
too…,” and as he breathes out, “shall pass.”

1 thought on “He Read

  1. Buddhism teaches quietism until the right moment.

    Write a poem on this line from THE LITTLE FOXES:
    Some folks jus eat up the whole earth, and other folks jus stand around an watch ’em do it.

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